Create independent wealth, and live the life you’ve always wanted by investing in real estate.


Real Estate investing is the only business where you can make 20X your money by having someone else pay off your property. Yes, you heard correct! Most current investment plans will allow you to double your initial investment at the risk-free rate of approx. 3 percent about every 24 years. That’s right it takes about 24 years to double your money if you take no risks at all.  So when you decide to purchase an investment property or create a portfolio of properties you are now turning very small amounts of money in the form of down payments into extremely large payouts over time.

With a simple down payment of 10K-15K on a $350,000 piece of property that you live in yourself, you can pay that property off in 30 years. In this case, just owning your own home can actually make you 23X times your original down payment. This amazing fact really is true - just do that math - Divide (350,000/15,000) and you get 23. In fact if you do the same thing over a 20 year loan period instead, you would make the same 23X your money in only 20 years. Real estate is the only investment that will give you this type of compounding effect. Think about how powerful this.

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