Quick & Easy Repairs

making quick and easy repairs with tom rando


Get started right away by taking Tom Rando’s step-by-step real estate investing course which contains dedicated lesson material covering quick and easy shortcuts for making inexpensive repairs and attractive upgrades to your home or rental property for a fraction of the price. Save tens of thousands on each and every property you own!

Using Tom’s techniques will skyrocket your profits by making buyers, tenants, and appraisers happy with affordable repairs and improvements that increase the value of any property. Don’t pay high-priced contractors to fix or improve your properties where it is not necessary.

Tom walks you through each lesson scenario that he illustrates in the course on how to not only save a fortune on repairs and also increase a home’s overall value for a fraction of the price.

freshen up window sills and gutters with exterior spray paint with tom rando

Make windowsills and gutters look brand new. 

roof patch instead of replace with tom rando

Patch a roof instead of paying for a full replacement. 

resurface driveway with tom rando
Quickly resurface a driveway to save thousands! 

*Important: Do not attempt any work that requires a special license or imposes a strain on any physical or mental weakness. If working on your own, especially, it is imperative that you apply safety measures relevant to the project. You must use the proper safety gear that applies to each job (e.g., safety goggles, gloves, breathing masks, ear protection, back brace, and proper footwear). Work in well-ventilated areas when using paint, adhesives, solvents, and other chemicals!