Create independent wealth, and live the life you’ve always wanted by investing in real estate.

About Us

Realty Investors Association

This organization is dedicated to helping our member-students achieve their financial goals by investing in real estate and related businesses. Succeeding in the modern economic landscape and being able to retire with a depending stream of income has become a challenge for most people. The middle class is quickly disappearing, money doesn’t go very far anymore, and we are working harder and longer to make it. Moreover, there are very few robust retirement packages and pension plans for all those years of hard work. Making more money now and for our future—independent of a primary job—has never been more important.

Tom Rando real estate investor and author
My programs will help you create independent wealth, live a better life NOW, and in your FUTURE. Learning about this powerful form of investing and business—through my “hands-on” experiences, and ability for teaching what I know works—will take you to the next level. I’ve been fortunate to be a successful real estate investor, I will teach you how to be one, too." Tom Rando 

Receiving this certificate means that you hold a specific level of specialized knowledge in real estate investing. This training program is also a certificate program, providing each participant with a certificate of completion within the real estate investing field once they have passed the final exam with an 80% or higher grade.

Our Certification Process:

  • Study the course and reinforce your knowledge of the principles and concepts with our study guide, case studies, and video training tutorials

  • Receive email support from the Real Estate Instinct staff for any questions about the material  while you study and prepare for the exam.

  • Earn at least an 80% combined score for all lesson sections, and receive a signed certificate of completion with your name on it.

Realty Investors Association