Create independent wealth, and live the life you’ve always wanted by investing in real estate.

About Us

Tom Rando’s Real Estate Instinct® Investing Course, as well as his informative videos and audio programs, will help you to achieve your financial dreams—on your own—without a boss. Learn how to make money in real estate investing and re-invest qualified business profits into a “self-employed pension plan."

Tom Rando real estate investor and author

“My programs will help you create independent wealth and live the life you’ve always wanted by investing in real estate. Making money with this powerful form of investing through my actual “hands-on” experiences, and talent for teaching what I know works—will take you to the next level. I’ve been fortunate to be a successful real estate investor, I will teach you how to be one, too."

This incredible step-by-step real estate investing course shows you how to use proven techniques to buy and manage income producing properties for the highest returns possible. Students will primarily learn how to find, purchase, and rent residential “Bread & Butter” homes in economically sound geographic areas. You will also learn the concepts behind flipping, wholesaling, and managing properties as a business; as well as some of the tax advantages that go along with these specialized real estate business activities that will allow you to make large contributions to fund a self-directed retirement plan of your choice.

You will learn creative ways to buy properties that use little or no cash of your own. You will be able to expertly negotiate seller concessions and rent your new investment properties for maximum profit. Let Tom Rando show you how to locate high-income producing properties that will be in demand by the best possible tenants.

Learn how to create a personalized professional network that will bring some of the best deals right to your door. Tom breaks down the buying process to help you avoid serious pitfalls and maximize your “cash back” at closing for various types of residential and multi-family dwellings.

Tom specifically teaches how to find the kind of properties that generally have a stronger tendency to appreciate in value and better hold that value over time. Best of all, Tom takes his teaching one step further by helping you start your own self-employed pension plan using profits from your real estate activities. Nobody is getting a pension anymore; Tom shows you how to build one of your own with the money that you make from your real estate business activities. Sound good?

“Unlike most other programs, Real Estate Instinct® goes into the NUTS & BOLTS of Real Estate's not just a get rich quick pitch...if you use my powerful techniques, you will make REAL money," Tom Rando.